Welcome to Moving Forth

Moving Forth offers a safe and effective therapeutic space to improve your health and well-being, We aim to tap into your natural tendency towards wholeness, where the body and the mind work together. As the obstructions and ‘road blocks’ are cleared, you can begin to access your potential from a calmer and more centred place.

Our approach works with how the body affects the mind and how the mind affects the body. We offer an effective approach that goes back to the basics, addresses the root causes, while dealing with your daily struggles. Our therapists know how important it is to listen to the body, to calm the mind and to bring the two together. We want to work with you to develop your coping skills and resources to meet your daily challenges and feel more at home in your skin.

Moving Forth has brought together a team of practitioners with a wide range of body oriented psychotherapy skills. We provide a creative and body/mind oriented model that is suitable for people of all ages and abilities.

Body oriented psychotherapy can help with:

  • anxiety
  • depression
  • developmental and attachment issues
  • trauma & PTSD
  • minor/chronic physical ailments; back pain, aching legs, shoulder pain, headaches
  • relationships at home and at work
  • low self-esteem and lack of self confidence
  • communication issues; difficulties in expressing yourself with others, assertiveness, listening

More information can be found about the Moving Forth team here.

We also provide creative approaches to clinical supervision and continuous professional development courses for therapists.


Moving Forth SCIO, Studio 44 Out of the Blue Drill Hall | 36 Dalmeny Street | Edinburgh | EH6 8RG

Charity number: SC044412

contact@movingforth.org | Tel: +44(0)7962814630

* Photographs reproduced by kind permission of the photographers Jadwiga Szubert, Susan Scarth and Beth McDougall and the participants of Peggy Hackney’s Edinburgh Residency 2011, the China/Germany DMT training 2011/12, and the LBMS programmes 2012-17.