Today, depression and anxiety are the most prominent among the mental diseases in the world and this disease is very common which has spoiled the mental state of many people. The perfect treatment of depression or any other disease is not possible only by medical treatment. To overcome this disease, the victim has to keep control of their habits and mental balance. But apart from this, there are some special things like maintaining a social life, meeting new people, making new friends, which helps a lot in coming out of depression.

Nowadays, depression has become common in young people due to some bad habits or excessive pressure of work life. But apart from medical treatment, there is an effective and inexpensive treatment which is called dance movement therapy (DMT), which young people also like the most. Due to a lack of much research on this therapy, medical science has not given it any special recognition. But this does not mean that dance movement therapy is less effective.

By 2015, only 3 researches were done on dance movement therapy, due to which, not many people knew about it. But in today’s time, when the dance is a great way of entertainment for young people, the depressed youth are very much interested in dance movement therapy, which is not only improving their mental health but also increasing their physical ability.

Today, there is a lot of research on Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) across the world, which has led to the result that people who are taking Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) along with Specialized Medical Treatment have seen an amazing improvement in their mental health. Instead of people who are taking only specialized medical treatment. Research has also revealed that after taking Dance Movement Therapy (DMT), his mental condition continued to improve for 3 months and his social life was also improved.

So after looking at all these reports and researches, we can say that Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) can prove to be a great cure for depression in young people. Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) has not yet received any approved identification from medical science, so we hope that soon Medical Science mandates Dance Movement Therapy (DMT) sessions with medical treatment so that it could be made not just a cheap Medical treatment but it also benefits the depressed people a lot.