As age gets older, we do not just keep on some things like maintaining our social life nor physical strength. But there is also an easy solution to this problem, which is called dance movement therapy, which people of any age can try, whether you are 16 or 66, there is no difference. Dance movement therapy can not only help in daily exercise for old age people, but they can also try to increase their muscle strength and body balance.

Researchers conducted research on some people of old age and their grandchildren, whose goal was to find an effective and cheap treatment of common problems and diseases faced by people in old age. In this research, they were taught 14 different dance movements and they were included in 3 types of free-form dance sessions. From this, the researchers had to find out whether it really has some special effects on aging people or improves relationships with their grandchildren.

After all these sessions and dance movement therapy, the old people and their grandchildren’s different interviews, video recordings and their personal notes revealed that all these things actually produced positive feelings in them. All the youth felt that their relationship with their grandparents became stronger and they got a chance to know their problems closely which made it easier for the youth to understand the old people.

All the sessions were completed in a span of a few weeks and all the young people were suggested to adapt themselves to the recordings of their grandparents ‘dance movements, they were also explained that in every dance movement they would have to enhance their grandparents’ enthusiasm and When they are tired they will have to give enough time for rest.

The results of this research were very positive and researchers found that dance movement therapy is helpful in solving the mental problems of not only the depressed youth but also the older people. So if you are also seeing any such problem in your grandparents, then you can give them positive and effective treatment through Dance Movement Therapy (DMT).