Laban Movement Analysis/Bartenieff Fundamentals

The Certification Programme in Movement Analysis modular: Moving Forth’s collaboration with LIMS NY continues to flourish …..

Moving Forth continues collaborating with the Laban Institute for Movement Studies® New York (LIMS® NY) to bring this unique and vital learning experience to the UK. There are further developments to extend this particular programme to Krakow, Poland.

This accredited Certification Programme in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies® (LIMS® New York)  commenced with Module 1 in June 2012.   In June/July 2013 Module 3 was completed by 10 students. This student group is a highly motivated cohort who bring a range of professional experiences to their studies: DMP practice and research, dance teaching, choreography and performance, drama performance, music practice and research, bodywork/massage skills and support work in care of disadvantaged populations.

Karen Studd and Laura Cox, the key tutors on the programme both hail from East Coast USA.  They provide clear, in-depth and rich material and are supported by assistants Susan Scarth and Alexandra Baybutt with other guest tutors. Karen and Laura have had their wonderful book published this June – Everybody is a Body.  It is available through Amazon Books and is published by Dog Ear Publishing company. The book has been written in such a way that everyone  can understand the primary concept that ‘Conscious awareness of your movement is vital to experiencing the Wholeness of your life.’ (p.4).

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