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Chief Executive Officer

Susan Scarth Portrait

Susan Scarth MCAT  RDMP  CMA  Dip. Sup

Susan has over 25 years experience of working with Dance Movement Psychotherapy and applying the model to a variety of client needs. Starting life as a social worker with a particular interest in mental health, developing community  projects for people surviving stokes, followed by a period in psychiatric nursing and community mental health care, Susan embarked on her dance movement psychotherapy career with adults with visual impairment and other disadvantageous conditions. She was inspired by a residential week with MotionHouse Dance Company, when dance and contact improvisation was introduced to people who rarely left their wheelchairs. This world of possibilities led Susan to train as a Dance Movement Therapist at the Laban Centre, London (1990), later  completing the Certificate in Movement Analysis from the Laban/Bartenieff Institute for Movement Analysis in New York (2008). Susan’s MA thesis concentrated on women escaping violent relationships, which has led to a long interest in developing accessible and relevant services to support men and women survivors of abuse, in all its guises,  and neglect. In 2009 she completed Level 1 of the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training from the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute (SPI USA) and Trauma Training in Scotland (TTiS).  This latest study has deepened Susan’s understanding of how the bodymind is effected by trauma and has provided invaluable tools to develop an innovative trauma treatment model – Sensorimotor Movement Therapy.  In August 2014 Susan gained the Certificate in Reflective Practice and Creative Supervision.

Susan has witnessed the benefits of Dance Movement Psychotherapy / Sensorimotor Movement Therapy in a variety of contexts; it is an honour to work alongside people who address their difficulties, work through their negative patterns of behaviour and discover the power of the sensing self and feel empowered, centred, grounded and sensitive to what will keep them healthy and sane. Self-knowledge supports creative thinking and a growing sense of confidence.

Susan combines a DMP/SMT practice with teaching internationally and being pro-active in the DMP profession; currently holding the position of President of the European Association Dance Movement Therapy (EADMT).



julieJulie Chilvers – CMA, Movement Coach, Dance Artist/Facilitator

Julie holds key responsibility for the Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS) Certificate Programme and introductory courses (Talking Bodies). In 2014 Julie was awarded the title of Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) as one of Moving Forth’s first graduates of the LBMS Certificate Programme in Edinburgh. She combines her practice as dance facilitator with her new skills  as a CMA and offers Movement Coaching sessions to small groups and individuals, while also facilitating on the Belly Babies project.

Julie is a professional contemporary dance artist, teacher and facilitator working with children and adults with additional support needs. She teaches movement awareness, dance-fitness and beginners Pilates individually and in small groups.  Julie combines all these activities with part-time study in BSc Psychology (Open University).


Fiona Connell MSc Hons. Links Bookkeeping.


Vivienne Ross
 Viv, our Accountant based in The Borders, supports the Financial Administration of Moving Forth and keeps us all in check!


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Neil Howell RDMP, Sensorimotor Psychotherapist (level 1), trainee Comprehensive Resource Model therapist, Massage Therapist

Neil’s interest is in working with men who have experienced male violence in their upbringing.

Neil graduated with an honours degree in Psychology from Edinburgh University, studied Educational Psychology leading to a brief teaching career, before returning to Academic Psychology at Edinburgh. He was Research Assistant to Colwyn Trevarthen (now Emeritus Professor of Child Psychology at Edinburgh) working with him on early mother-infant interaction studies. Becoming more interested in an embodied approach to human development Neil moved from academia to pursue trainings in body-oriented therapies, Buddhist Psychology and Gabrielle Roth’s 5 Rhythms dance practice.

These varied interests culminated in Neil studying for the MSc Dance Movement Psychotherapy (2008-10) at Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. This facilitated Neil to develop his practice with offenders in HMP Edinburgh; where the combination of meditation, mindfulness and movement have proved a powerful tool in treating acute anxieties and high levels of anger experienced by the male prisoners/clients. Early trauma is an evident issue for many in gaol and this has motivated Neil to undertake the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy training in trauma treatment (2011), further enhanced by the Advanced Trauma Training with Janina Fisher (2013), and the Comprehensive Resource Model with Lisa Schwarz.

In 2011 Moving Forth was successful in obtaining funding from SurvivorScotland to offer Sensorimotor Movement Therapy to male prisoners who are survivors of childhood sexual abuse.  This funding attracted a further 2year award in 2013 and The Robertson Trust have made further funding available since 2015. Neil’s current practice is focused on offenders in Addiewell Prison, West Lothian, offering a strongly person-centred, client-led and body based psychotherapy, evaluated by CORE.

Eveline Nicolette

Eveline Nicolette RDMP, Sensorimotor Psychotherapist (level 1), Comprehensive Resource Model

As a Body Oriented Psychotherapist, Eveline integrates Dance Movement Therapy with Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (Level 1) and the Comprehensive Resource Model specifically for trauma. She also draws on extensive experience working in the arts and community settings and over twenty-five years of meditation practices. Eveline offers individual psychotherapy for young people and adults, creative groupwork, and early years intervention for caregivers and their children.

Eveline developed a special interest in trauma during an MSc placement with people with eating disorders. This led to her training in trauma treatment models and becoming a trustee of Trauma Therapy Trust and chairperson of Trauma Training in Scotland.

As part of the Moving Forth team, Eveline has delivered projects for young people with eating disorders, mothers needing support and social opportunities, and caregivers and their children experiencing disrupted attachment issues. These involved partnerships with Huntercombe Hospital, Home-Start, Dr. Bell’s Family Centre and Early Years Centres in Edinburgh.

Doe Warnes - Profile PictureDoe Warnes

My curiosity and fascination, for most of my life, has led me to explore and study the human being from an integrative perspective. Over the last 40 years I have had the privilege to treat and teach thousands of individuals and groups by raising awareness of the inter-relationships between body and mind. This approach has empowered people to make inspired and informed choices regarding their health and well-being.

I draw on my experiences and a range of disciplines such as from Dance/Movement Psychotherapy, Anatomy and Physiology, Shiatsu, Chinese Medicine, Body Mind Centering and from the many inspiring teachers and clients that I have worked with.

I have had a Shiatsu practice for 30 years and teach Shiatsu as well as integrated approaches to Anatomy and Physiology throughout London. For 12 years I have taught ‘Experiential Anatomy for Clinical Practise’ on the Dance/Movement Psychotherapist training, Roehampton University and have recently extended this to teach in Croatia and Romania. I have run Healthy Living workshops extensively in Age UK and organisations for people with chronic symptoms and HIV/AIDs.

Susana Garcia-Medrano.

Susana Garcia-Medrano RDMP, MA (DMP), Dip. Gestalt, Body Psychotherapist

Susana holds a Master´s degree in Dance Movement Therapy from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. She graduated as a Gestalt psychotherapist, obtained a Facilitator Training Diploma and a Diploma in Person Centred Approach at the Humanist Institute for Gestalt Psychotherapy. Under the direction of Claudio Naranjo, Susana reached levels I and II of SAT: Training in Holistic Psychotherapy and Meditation. She completed a professional training in Biodynamic Body Psychotherapy. Susana also trained as a Doula (accompaniment for pre and postnatal women) in Barcelona.

Most her working life she has worked in feminist civil organisations whose axes are health and sex education, sexual and reproductive rights, equality between men and women and the construction of active and participatory citizenship. She has been a facilitator of meaningful learning groups since 2000, and has offered courses to health personnel, teachers and justice workers at the state and federal level. Susana has offered workshops to adolescent and adult women in indigenous, rural, and urban contexts, civil society organisations.  She has specialised in the areas of prevention and treatment of violence against women, sexual and reproductive rights, gender, sexual and reproductive health, development of psychosocial skills, prevention of wasting syndrome (‘burn out’) and promotion of self-care and training of facilitators/learning groups. She is a lecturer at the Leadership Institute Simone de Beauvoir in Mexico and the Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain.

As a psychotherapist, Susana has experience working with young and adult women with whom she has worked with Gestalt approaches, Biodynamics and Dance Movement Therapy. In Barcelona she completed Dance Movement Therapy internships with patients with severe mental illness and victims of childhood sexual abuse.

Susana is able to work with Spanish speakers in Glasgow and Edinburgh.

Maria Astleithner-Fusseis, MA DiplPed

Maria holds a Masters degree in Dance/Movement Therapy from Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, Netherlands. She has five years clinical experience in a psychiatric setting in the Netherlands where she was the principal DM therapist leading group and individual therapies in acute psychiatric and in outpatient care. In addition to DMT she offered physical exercises and running therapy for inpatients and relaxation workshops for outpatients with sleeping disorders. She gave courses in self-awareness of burn-out related symptoms.

Maria has previously focused on working with clients with depression and, in her thesis, developed a DMT program for adults with ADHD. She received extensive training in body-centered, creative techniques including Laban Movement Analysis, Somatic movement (SMI) and mindfulness-based approaches. Maria furthermore completed training in Integrative Dance Pedagogy (iTP) and group dynamics (Roelof Wolters).

Maria holds a diploma in special needs education and previously worked as a German teacher in Dutch primary schools and supported adolescents in a social housing project. Maria is also a qualified massage therapist.

Mhari Baxter MSc., BA, RDMP

Mhari has an embodied approach working with people creatively to support their needs and connect with their experience to allow space for growth. She is motivated by helping individuals discover their own potential and resources within themselves to flourish.
Mhari offers one to one and group therapy. She has worked in mental health care settings with adults and has extensive experience of working with people with communication support needs. Currently she works in the community with families who have children with a diagnosis of autism. She runs parent support groups and holds 1:1 therapy sessions with children in schools. She also works with the Prince and Princess of Wales Hospice in Glasgow.

Mhari is a Registered Dance Movement Psychotherapist with ADMP-UK.

She has completed the following developmental courses with school of Body- Mind Centering® : Ontogenetics, Basic Neurocellular patterns and Senses and Perceptions.


Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS)


Programme Co-ordinator, Principal Tutor


Karen A. Studd CMA RSME/RSMT 

Karen holds a Master of Arts degree from University of Oregon, is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA), an ISMETA (International Somatic Movement Education and Therapy Association) Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT) and Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME). For twenty years she has taught and co-ordinated programmes in Movement Analysis across the United States, through the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies.  Karen has an international profile having taught and presented at conference in Canada, Belgium, Poland, Brazil, Israel, Mexico, China and Slovakia.

Karen has been a faculty member of the University of Wisconsin, George Washington University and George Mason University, where she is a tenured faculty of the School of Dance and an affiliated faculty member for the Center for Consciousness and Transformation. A teacher of movement studies, experiential anatomy, dance technique and a choreographer, she is focused on adult education and personal development through movement.

Karen’s  interest is in promoting awareness of the body of knowledge of human movement across all disciplines. For the last several years Karen has been interested in movement as a component of leadership and is sought out as a “body language expert” in the observation of the movement profiles of political pundits. Karen has been interviewed by the Washington Post newspaper NPR’s With Good Reason and has appeared on television’s Hard Ball commentary with Chris Mathews.

 Principal Tutor


Laura holds a Master of Arts degree in Dance and Dance Education from New York University, is a Certified Movement Analyst (CMA) and ISMETA Registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME) and Registered Somatic Movement Therapist (RSMT).  Laura has a private practice in movement education specialising in re-patterning the movement of clients suffering from chronic pain or injury.  Her clients include professionals in dance, sports and fitness and those with little or no movement experience.  She is a teacher of dance technique, kinesiology and movement for health and well-being and has served on the faculties for New York University, University of Nebraska, Towson University and University of Maryland. Laura currently teaches for the Laban/Bartenieff Institute of Movement Studies (LIMS NY) and conducts workshops and seminars in movement awareness and health in New England, USA.  Laura is an avid equestrian and has assisted in Therapeutic Riding programmes.


The Board of Trustees

Janet Halton, Chairperson – Music Therapist, Executive Director Nordoff Robbins Scotland

Janet is originally from the USA and studied music and psychology at Boston University. She qualified as a music therapist in 1993 from Roehampton Institute, London, and subsequently worked for a number of years in the South East of England, primarily with adults with learning disabilities. She joined Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy in Scotland in 1999 and has worked with a wide range of clients over the years, most recently focusing on work with individuals on the autistic spectrum. Janet was appointed Executive Director of Nordoff Robbins Scotland in 2007; and she has been involved with Moving Forth since its inception in 2013. She lives in Edinburgh with her husband and two children.



Colin Ross – retired Business Development Manager for IBM

Simon Marshall – Art Psychotherapist NHS North Ayrshire & NHS Lothian, The Rivers Centre

Vivienne Ross – Company Accountant