Health of the Spine

26th November 2016, 9.30-5pm

Working creatively through movement and experiential anatomy
towards the health and well-being of body and mind
Introductory workshops & CELL’s 4 part Programme/course

Would you like to:

  • develop a body/mind approach to health and well-being
  • learn some pre-spinal movements
  • improve the mobility of your spine
  • learn how to release back tension
  • consider your spine as a physical and emotional resource
  • reflect on how this exploration can add to your professional development

If you answer yes to the above then this workshop is for you?

Susan Scarth and Doe Warnes with guest speakers Debbie Watson and Julie Chilvers invite you to take in a taster day that explores ways to develop a healthier spine.

Suitable for all health practitioners; allopathic, complementary, allied health professionals, body workers, somatic practitioners and those simply curious to know more about their body.

Cost: £85  

Venue: Drama Studio, Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh, EH21 6UU

Train: Musselburgh Station + 3 minutes walk.
Bus: Bus No’s 30 and 45 from Edinburgh to Queen Margaret University Campus.

To book a place contact: Susan Scarth

Tel: 0131 5552573   E-mail: susan@movingforth.org

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Our primary focus in this workshop is to develop a greater awareness of the links and the influences between body and mind.

We will be applying creative learning approaches to bring together experiential anatomy with movement, to develop an embodied practice.

This workshop is a taster for an exciting new course that begins in Spring 2017. CELL (Creative Embodied Learning Laboratories) with Moving Forth, is offering a series of 4 experiential weekend workshops where we will engage in a fuller exploration of systems of the body.


Share the passion for body and movement work with our four experts…

The day will consist of four workshops. Each facilitator will draw from their experience and specialist knowledge to build a comprehensive picture and understanding of the spine. We will use visualisations, hands-on exercises and movement explorations that are supported within the theoretical frameworks of BodyMind Centering, Laban/Bartenieff Fundamentals, anatomical theory and Dance Movement Therapy.


Workshop 1:

Movement and structure of the spine through experiential anatomy – Doe Warnes

Looking at the relationship between the structure and function of the spine will show us how it provides a wide range of movement and flexibility whilst maintaining safe limitations. How the spine enables us to change direction and perspective has a direct impact on our physical, emotional and psychological outlook. This will be explored individually and in pairs.


Workshop 2:  

Relaxing the spine through ‘Sponging, Pulsing and Navel Radiation’Debbie Watson

You will explore how to waken up your skeletal spine, the (soft) tissues and the movement patterns supporting the spine. Through guided visualisation and experiential exploration you will get in touch with your pre-spinal (pre-birth) movement patterns. This will give you an opportunity to release any muscular tension around the spine and connect with underlying breathing and movement patterns, which has the capacity to support and refresh your everyday doing and being.


Workshop 3:  

Connecting to the world through spinal rotationJulie Chilvers

The spine’s ability to rotate is central to the mobility of the body and gives us crucial access to the world around us. You will explore the spine’s ability to rotate and how the different parts work in relationship to each other and the body as a whole. Through guided explorations you will explore the body’s capacity for rotation as a way to connect with your environment. This will highlight the importance of spinal mobility for general well-being.


Workshop 4:

Head/Tail connection and ‘vertical throughness’ – Susan Scarth

The spine offers us our flexibility and verticality and through the sensation of ‘throughness’ we can realise it as a fundamental resource. This workshop will offer an exploration of the movement potential of the spine through the re-discovery of the connection between the head and the coccyx.


Susan Scarth MCAT, SrDMP, CMA, Dip. Sup.

Has worked as a dance movement therapist since 1990. Her focus has remained in mental health, with a specific interest in trauma, and developing an integrative practice to promote sustainable mental well-being. She has completed a Certificate in Movement Observation and Analysis (CMA) and level 1 in Sensorimotor Psychotherapy. Susan set up Moving Forth SCIO in 2013 to offer therapeutic work to individuals and groups, provide training in somatic practice and engage professionals in creative approaches to supervision.



Has 40 years experience as a somatic body worker and complementary therapist. She is a Shiatsu practitioner/tutor, trained in Dance/Movement Psychotherapy (1998) as well as studying many disciplines such as BodyMind Centering.   Doe teaches a holistic approach to anatomy and physiology throughout London, including Experiential Anatomy for Clinical DMP Practise at Roehampton University.


Debbie Watson MA, RSME, RSMP

Is a creative arts practitioner, dance scientist and somatic movement educator. She graduated from the School of Body-Mind Centering in California in 2013 after a 2 year study with Embody Move Association (U.K.). In 2008 she completed an MSc in Dance Science at Trinity Laban and continues to work as a freelance researcher and evaluator on creativity based projects in education and performing arts settings. She is passionate about facilitating others to find their own unique approach to health through movement.


Julie Chilvers BPA, CMA

Is a freelance dance artist and teacher based in Edinburgh. She takes a somatic approach to her practice as Pilates and dance teacher, working inclusively with children, young people and adults. Julie is a Certified Movement Analyst (Laban/Bartenieff) and has studied internationally with Peggy Hackney and Bill Evans. Since 2011 she has assisted in the administration, assisting and teaching on the introductory weekends (Talking Bodies) and Certificate Programme in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies with Moving Forth & LIMS. Julie is currently completing an OU degree in Psychology.