Body Mind Centering

Body Mind Centering® Developmental Courses with Embody Move Association

Embody Move and Moving Forth are working together to deliver the further courses from the certified Somatic Movement Education Program and the Infant Developmental Movement Education (IDME) program. The following courses will take place in Edinburgh, Scotland throughout 2017-19.

31st August ’17 to 3rd September ’17
Senses and Perception (4 days)
Price: £380.00 City: Edinburgh

14th December ’17 to 21st December ’17
Basic Neurocellular Patterns (7 days)
Price: £665.00 City: Edinburgh

10th February ’18 to 14th February ’18
Infant Developmental Movement Education 1A
Price: £475.00 City: Edinburgh

1st June ’18 to 8th June ‘18
Organ System (7 days)
Price: £630.00 City: Edinburgh

18th February ’19 to 28th February ‘19
Infant Developmental Movement Education 2
Price: £950 City: Edinburgh


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