Body-Mind Centering

Body-Mind Centering® Developmental Courses with Embody Move Association

Embody Move and Moving Forth are collaborating to deliver some BMC courses in Edinburgh. See links below for upcoming UK courses:

1st June ’18 to 8th June ‘18
Organ System (7 days)
Price: £630.00 City: Edinburgh

18th August ’18 to 24th August ’18
Primitive Reflexes, Righting Reactions and Equilibrium Responses (RRR) (6Days)
Price: £570.00 City: London

26th August ’18 to 30th August ’18
Ontogenetic Development (5 Days)
Price: £475.00 City: London

8th December ’18 to 12th December ‘18
The Endocrine System (5 Days)
Price: £475.00 City: Bath

9th February ’19 to 20th February ‘19
Infant Developmental Movement Education 2
Price: £950 City: Edinburgh


For more details and booking visit or email


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