What is Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies?

L/BMS Certification Programme

Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS) is a study of human movement in its many parts; including the structural function and form of the body, the relationship between the internal functional and sensing body to the outer expression through posture and gesture, the impact of the environment, nature and human society on our body’s movement through space and time, how each and every body responds uniquely, recognising the similarities and differences between each individuals, exploring the balance and imbalance of human movement experiences and interactions and finally how we exert ourselves and how our movement patterns either support or exacerbate our experience of life as we move through it.

LBMS originates from the artistic research and practice of Rudolf Laban (1879 – 1958) painter, dancer, actor and the practice and applications of Laban’s work by Irmgard Bartenieff (1900 – 1981) a physical therapist and dance movement therapist.  The LBMS framework encompasses the categories of Body, Effort, Shape and Space; they are a means of deconstructing human movement and their inter-relationships, in order to reconstruct and gain a deeper understanding of what we both sense in ourselves and observe in others.

The LBMS Certification Programme is taught using a range of learning and teaching methods including: theoretical and experiential seminars, focused workshops with a lens on specific elements of the LBMA framework, small group and individual tasks and assignments, and field trips.  As a somatic movement education programme, this course encourages self-exploration and offers insight and self-development supported by the developmental progression and structure of the schedule itself.  Students will be guided to develop a deeper awareness of self and other, through the medium of non-verbal communication, movement analysis and somatic and sensory awareness.

L/BMS Certification Programme - building the Icosahedron

Each Module is carefully designed to enhance the learning experience of the student and ensure successful skills development. It is an intensive training and expects attendance from 8.45/9.00 am to 5.45/6.00 pm with short breaks and one hour and a half lunch break through the day. A Module is between 9 – 16 days depending on the geographical site of the programme you choose to follow.  The schedule may include seminars/workshops on Saturdays/Sundays with one day each week allowed for recuperation.   The schedule also allows for private study time in the studio, either working on individual or small group assignments.

Reading lists are made available before the commencement of each module and handouts and articles provided electronically throughout each module.  It is helpful to have your personal computer to work on for essays, assignments, production and observation of video material and access to the Internet.


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Our first accredited Certification Programme in Laban/Bartenieff Movement Studies® (LIMS® New York)  concluded with 9 completing students in June 2014.   The student group was a highly motivated cohort who brought a range of professional experience in dance teaching, choreography and performance, drama performance, music practice and research, DMP practice and research, bodywork/massage skills and support work in care of disadvantaged populations.  Karen Studd and Laura Cox, the core faculty of our programme, come from East Coast USA.  They provide clear, in-depth material that is explored utilising a range of teaching and learning tools. The Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies (LBMS) programme is further supported by international guest tutors and specialists from Europe and the UK.

L/BMS Certification Programme

This programme produces students of human movement who deepen their knowledge and understanding of self while enriching their professional practice.  The LBMS programme is a unique experience in self development that is invaluable when applied to dance movement therapy, dance practice & choreography, teaching in mainstream & special education, person-centred health & social care, musicianship & musicology, landscape design & environmental art …… the list grows.

Going Forward ….

The 2nd LBMS programme commenced in Edinburgh, June 2015. Module will be taking place 13th-30th June 2016 in Edinburgh.

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