Talking Bodies

Introduction to Laban Bartenieff Movement Studies

17th-18th October 2015 9am – 5pm each day

Venue: The Edinburgh Yoga Room, 5a Forth Street, Edinburgh EH1 3JX


Susan Scarth CMA* RDMP** and Alexandra Baybutt CMA will facilitate this 2 day course introducing Laban Movement Analysis (LMA) & Bartenieff Fundamentals (BF)  – a total of 13 hours learning. These workshops are designed for everyone who knows that understanding human nonverbal expression and interaction is important to their work and play.

This course will explore the complexities of nonverbal communication through the system developed by Rudolf Laban and Irmgard Bartenieff. Participants will learn through doing and gain a keener awareness of how they use their own movement to express themselves in the world and in relationship to others.

The 2 workshop days will introduce  and clarify the essence of this highly sophisticated and relevant body of knowledge.

On completion of the course you will receive a record of attendance of 13 hours Continuous Professional Development. 

By the end of this weekend you will have had the opportunity to:

– gain an understanding of Laban and Bartenieff’s philosophy and practice and how they interweave

– practice and deepen your bodymind awareness

– become more conscious of your movement habits, preferences and new possibilities

– share experiences through discussion and movement, in pairs and small groups

– practice movement observation through seeing and sensing

– experience action-based learning and reflective practice

– consider how this work will apply to your professional practice work and life
During the workshop you will;

– receive hand-outs, articles and web links

– have access to a collection of Laban and Bartenieff books and texts, several not easily accessible

Cost: £165 full, £125 concessions

*Certified Movement Analyst    ** Registered Dance/Movement Therapist

To apply please use our CONTACT FORM putting ‘Talking Bodies Edinburgh’ in the subject line or download a Booking Form.

You may be eligible for funding to assist with course fees, travel and accommodation. For potential sources (UK), please view the following document: Potential Funding options. Please note that funding is dependent on individual circumstance and is not limited to this list.

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