I now have an identity and I feel connected with society…I have the tools to cope with anxiety…looking forward to the future positively, I know that I can create a life for myself beyond prison.

Prison Project client 2017

I feel working with Neil has given me hope strength and the belief to get through my barriers and over my hurdles… The support I received was unpresidented. I feel it has been the starting block to my recovery. It has given me strength and understanding to tackle any problem.

Prison Project client 2017

I think most parts of 123 play worked very well. It definitely helped with listening skills.

Early Years Worker, Early Years Centre pilot study 2 2016

[Play 123] helped to support children, particularly those with needs. I could see this during the time spent in these classes

Early Years Worker, Early Years Centre pilot study 2 2016

Spending time with children on the floor and running around doing silly things may be really fun for all of us to do at home.

Parent, Early Years Centre pilot study 1 2015

I have bonded with my daughter so much over the past few weeks from this experience. I now have the confidence to act childish in front of my child and other people and not feel stupid.

Parent, Early Years Centre pilot study 2015

This [Play 123] experience was great fun for both of us, I really enjoyed it and it gave me good ideas to play with my kid at home!

Parent, Early Years Centre pilot study 2015

It has been a wonderful experience for me where I have learnt a great deal not only about the work of Laban, but about myself too. I will cherish the past two years with a lot of happy memories ☺

Rachel K
Graduated CMA - June 2014

Susan is a spontaneous, insightful and committed teacher with whom teaching and reflecting can be safely messy, challenging and enriching.

Céline B. Dance Movement Psychotherapist, Supervisor, Lecturer and Movement Artist, January 21, 2012

As a Music Therapist, being supervised by a DMP practitioner has been a new and very exciting experience.

Music therapist at NHS Trust, January 22, 2012

Susan is a gentle, caring, sincere and understanding person and I just want to say thank you.

DMP Client - Jan 2013

I felt very secure in the whole sense of support I was given.

DMP Client - August 2013