If you’re constantly facing bug and malware issues on your phone and it’s not working properly, you can flash your phone by two different methods one is full flash and the other partial flash. However, you can also flash your phone With Samsung Odin which is a custom ROM Flashing Tool. But before flashing your device, make sure to take a full backup of your important data.

Why Flashing is necessary

There are many reasons behind flashing a phone which includes a black screen of death, user interface not working perfectly, and heavy crash applications, etc. The most common reason for all this is a bug and malware issue, which can infect your phone with malware. However, you can also flash the phone to change the operating system (OS) or replace it with the latest version.

After Flashing the ROM What Happens

When a phone’s stock ROM or custom ROM is flashed, the software settings are altered to change the operations of the phone. Exactly what new changes will happen on your phone will all depend on the type of your phone and software which you are using. Remember one thing that it is not valid to flash your phone as per instructions provided by the manufacturer, so make up your mind to take risks before flashing your phone.

Locked Phones

The most common reason is that sometimes phones are locked to a particular cellular network. When you move to a new network, wireless carriers want you to buy a new phone, which is why phones are usually locked on a particular network.

Full Flash

A full flash offers to change the operating system of your phone. Note that if you undertake this type of flash all data on your phone may get lost. A full flash means upgrading new software to a new different version of the operating system on your phone or changing it to a new mobile OS.