If we look around us, we will discover that the majority of smartphones are increasing day by day, in which most of the smartphones are powered by the Android mobile operating system. Showbox APK , Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime are some of the most popular apps on which people spend their time watching their favorite TV shows and movies by authorized and unauthorized means.

These apps allow users to watch unlimited and endless Web-series and movies whatever they want. In comparison to other app stores, the availability of apps on the Android Google Play store is very high. There are many video streaming apps available on Android OS, but to avail of these services, we have to make a monthly or annual subscription plan.

These subscription plans are very expensive, which might not be affordable for everyone. These are free video streaming apps that allow users to stream videos in HD format for free. This is a popular video streaming platform for movie lovers.

Its user interface is quite good and well-organized. You can find old and latest materials on its homepage. You can also download videos you like and watch them offline later. It is compatible with both Android operating systems and Windows devices.

Note that, sometimes these apps upload copyright content that can be risky for you. That’s a reason you can’t find it from the Android App store. Therefore, there is no assurance that the app is 100% safe and free from viruses/malware.

Therefore, users should not rely on using third-party sources to download content. The risk of using a third-party app is always high because it is developed by a third-party developer.

Your phone may be infected with malware or can be hacked or you might lose your personal details to strangers. According to law, streaming, or downloading content without paying anything can be counted as theft. Think about it once before using any third-party video streaming app.